DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Bodywork development sled test

We analyse the resistance and energy absorption capabilities of bodywork components and control units at speeds of between 2 km/h and 250 km/h and with sled weights of 8 kg to 6000 kg.

There are five different sleds and one trolley at your disposal for checking the functionality with regard to resistance or energy absorption capabilities.

  • Impact shock test for control units, up to 5000 g or very long pulse duration of up to 200 ms
  • Seats and their anchorage relating to load in line with ECE-R17
  • Fixing vehicle components in the event of a crash, e.g. battery or rechargeable battery pack, covers, cladding, etc.
  • Bumpers in line with ECE-R42
  • Medical vehicles and their equipment in line with EN 1789
  • Front and rear structures on racing cars
  • Energy absorption of vehicle structures, e.g. longitudinal struts, wishbones, spare wheel wells, etc.

With our in-dummy measurement technology, we can measure even the most difficult areas to handle.

Energy absorption capability test on a spare wheel

Checking the dynamic behaviour of the steering column adjustment with a real crash pulse

Check of the energy absorption capabilities of the front structure of a Formula SAE racing car

Load securing test for a seat backrest