DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Noise measurements in line with the latest standards

Thanks to our exemplary on-site noise test area and the latest measuring equipment, we are able to offer you optimum noise measurements for a whole range of vehicle categories.

We can perform a huge variety of tests to analyse noise levels and the measurements associated with them:

  • Pass-by measurement:
    In the case of a pass-by measurement, we analyse the test vehicle’s noise level under real-life conditions and in line with the applicable standards.
  • Stationary measurement:
    A stationary measurement can be used by the supervisory authority as a reference value and is applied in the case of special vehicles.
  • Sound power measurement:
    We can analyse the emissions from the noise source to the surrounding area and identify them using a corresponding characteristic value.
  • Power measurement:
    The effective engine power is determined and must be available to define the noise measurement.
  • Exhaust gas measurement:
    The exhaust gas characteristics are directly linked to the noise measurement and are analysed in rapid succession in the exhaust gas laboratory.