DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

We read out the EDR data from the damaged vehicle.

More and more vehicles are being fitted with an event data recorder (EDR). With the Bosch CDR system, we are able secure the relevant data in just a short time after the accident itself occurred.

  • Vehicle models
    Some American manufacturers have been fitting their vehicles with EDRs since the end of the 1990s. In the period since that time, EDRs have become mandatory in all vehicles registered in the USA. More and more European and Japanese manufacturers have been making EDRs accessible outside the USA. Event data recorders and the CDR read-out tool are the future. And we are ready for it.
  • Standardised data protocols
    The data protocols stored in EDRs are standardised. This means there is a specified set of parameters that have to be stored as a minimum. The newer the vehicle, the more parameters are available.
  • Pre-collision data
    This data is primarily useful when looking at the period before the collision occurred. It shows information such as the speed at least 5 seconds before the accident and whether the vehicle was braking or accelerating before the collision. However, the stored data does need to be interpreted by an expert – and that’s where we come in.