DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Checking the facts

Did an accident actually happen in the way it was described by those involved? We will help you find the answer to this.

Statements about the way in which an accident developed from those involved are often inconsistent.

  • Damage compatibility
    We clear up whether the damage documented on the vehicles corresponds to the development of the accident as it was described. Does the damage originate exclusively from the collision that has been described? Was the vehicle subjected to further damage or was the damage worsened at a later date?
  • Plausibility of the statements
    We check the statements about the development of the accident for you and compare them with objective information such as the damage to and the final positions of the vehicles. Is the information about the driving direction and speed realistic?
  • Clarity on the development of the accident
    The plausibility test is designed to help you in the process of reviewing the accident for legal purposes.
  • Clarification concerning insurance fraud
    With the help of a plausibility test, you can distinguish between genuine insurance claims and attempted insurance fraud.