DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

DTC test track technical data

Everything you need to know about the DTC test track.

The DTC test track is used to carry out road tests. We are able to offer a complete range of services relating to dynamic vehicle tests at our very own test site in Switzerland. With this private site located directly next to the DTC’s infrastructure, we are able to process homologation and modification tests as well as noise and braking effect measurements efficiently and promptly.

The DTC test track is also available to hire for manufacturer and acceptance tests, driver training, vehicle presentations, media events or filming.

The DTC test track is made up of the following areas:

  • Noise test area
    • Certification: ISO 10844:2014
    • Area (L x W): 20 m x 20 m
    • Gradient: max. 0.5%
  • Braking test area
    • Area (L x W):
      200 m x 5 m (asphalt)
      200 m x 5 m (sliding surface)
    • Gradient: max. 0.5%
    • Adhesion coefficients:
      μ high = 0.75 (dry road)
      μ low < 0.30 (sliding surface)
    • Sprinkler system:
      Remote-controlled riser sprinklers
      200 m line of sprinklers
      Reservoir/capacity: 100 m³
  • Acceleration area
    • Area (L x W): 510 m x 4 m
    • Power supply: 230/400 VAC
    • Gradient: max. 1.0 %
  • Vehicle dynamics area I (west)
    • Area (L x W): 75 m x 50 m
    • Gradient: max. 0.5%
  • Vehicle dynamics area II (east)
    • Area (L x W): 150 m x 20 m
    • Gradient: max. 0.5%