DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Performance increase, performance reduction, chip tuning, engine conversion

Many software packages (chip tuning) are available on the market. Unfortunately, only a few of these are available with the necessary approval paperwork. We provide a complete range of services so that you can obtain the relevant paperwork.

The extent of the testing depends on the planned performance increase.

1. Performance increase < 20% (basic tests 1)

  • Power measurement
  • Noise measurement
  • Exhaust gas measurement
  • Determination of the new top speed

2. Performance increase 20% - 40% (additional tests 1+2)

  • New top speed measurement
  • Braking effect check
  • Driving dynamic behaviour check

3. Performance increase > 40%  (additional tests 1+2+3)

  • Check of the structural durability of the drivetrain (continuous operation)

Additional modifications (e.g. exhaust system, intake system, etc.) can be included in the analyses for the performance increase.



  • Performance increase using chip tuning or additional control units
  • Engine conversions (e.g. replacing entire drivetrains)
  • Compressor and turbo conversions (retrofits or conversions)
  • Modifications to the intake system (direct air filter, intercooler, etc.)
  • Modifications to the exhaust system (manifolds, etc.)
  • 35 kW power reduction for motorcycles