DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Vehicle-vehicle collision

We offer impact tests between two vehicles under real conditions, at any impact angle and speed, and even with braking – enabling us to ensure accurate real-life accident reconstructions.

Vehicle-vehicle collisions make it possible to check the compatibility of vehicles. The results help us to narrow down exactly what happened during the accident as well as check the computer simulations of the accident analysis. We offer the following crash configurations at our facilities:

  • Multiple collisions
  • Different vehicle speeds and approach directions
  • Braked vehicles
  • Remote-controlled vehicles

From bicycles and motorcycles to cars and buses and even 40 t articulated lorries – anything is possible.

Low-speed vehicle-vehicle rear-impact collision

Low-speed vehicle-vehicle rear-impact collision to analyse cervical spine injuries

Collision between two remote-controlled vehicles at a junction on a public road in Lausanne

Frontal collision at an angle of 20° between a car and an agricultural vehicle (single-axle tractor)