DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Pedestrian protection testing methods

With our launching equipment, we can accurately launch head, hip and leg impactors onto the area to be tested at the front of the vehicle.

We will assist you with both the development of the pedestrian protection system and the pedestrian protection tests required for vehicle approval.

  • Child and small adult head impactor
  • Adult head impactor
  • Hip impactor in line with ECE-R127, for SUVs only
  • TRL leg impactor (WG 17 legform), eplaced by Flex PLI (flexible legform impactor)
  • Pedestrian impact tests with pedestrian dummy

We will be happy to support you in the process of developing and testing efficient pedestrian protection.

Head impact during pedestrian protection test in line with ECE-R127

Pedestrian protection check with leg impactor in line with ECE-R127

Collision between an SUV and a pedestrian