DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Active Safety

We analyse operational and traffic safety for you with the aim of preventing accidents in the air and on the road.

We analyse vehicles and components with regard to their structural durability and handling on our servo-hydraulic test benches and the DTC test track.

We have what it takes to analyse active safety for you, from the design stage all the way through to a safe driving experience.

  • Development test:
    From snow chains to armoured vehicles – we test it all. Submit your test specifications and we can recommend the ideal test solution to help you develop or safeguard your product.
  • Homologation test:
    We have the ideal tools for providing the evidence and analyses required for approval on the DTC test track, and use the latest measuring equipment to determine the results.
  • Noise measurement:
    We can analyse the noise level on all categories of vehicle in line with the latest standards, on a noise measurement surface that can’t be found anywhere else in Switzerland.
  • Modification test:
    Do you want to modify existing vehicles? We can analyse your tuned vehicle or modified components and draw up the required approval documents.
  • Strength test:
    Using laboratory bench tests and measurements in real operation, we can analyse the strength of components and materials.
  • Vehicle dynamics analysis:
    Vehicle dynamics analysis, covering everything from normal driving to the very limits of driving performance, provides an insight into the vehicle characteristics and the effectiveness of driver assistance systems.