DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

About our DTC test track

Whether you’re thinking about a driving safety course, a media event or a company event, with our help you can plan or stage an event in which safety will be a memorable part of the day.

To help you raise your vehicle control skills to the next level, our experienced instructors will create a controlled environment in which you can test your limits. In the driving safety courses on our test track, you can experience the driving dynamics you have the potential to achieve, and explore the limits of your vehicle.
In the vehicle dynamics section of our courses, you will experience acceleration, braking and quick cornering, while the safety section will demonstrate the interaction between your driver assistance systems. On our extra-long sliding surface, you can also perform driving manoeuvres with limited grip so that you can maintain control over your vehicle even in slippery situations.

Thinking about an event on our extensive test site? Invite your group to Vauffelin. Along with our test track, we can also provide training rooms, a meeting room and a workshop. We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your day is both special and unique.