DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Pass-by measurement (noise) for vehicle homologation

Do you need a pass-by noise measurement for your vehicle? Have you made a technical modification to the intake or exhaust system on your vehicle and do you need corresponding evidence for the new approval? We carry out pass-by noise measurements for national and international approvals.

With our state-of-the-art, automated noise measurement system, we carry out pass-by noise measurements on all vehicle categories for vehicle homologation in line with the latest standards. You’ll find the ideal conditions on the DTC test track, certified to DIN ISO 10844.

We have the ability to carry out the tests in line with different standards according to the customer’s requirements.


Swiss national regulations applied:

  • Regulation on the technical requirements of road vehicles (VTS), Annex 6

International regulations applied:

  • ECE-R 51
  • 70/157 EG
  • ECE-R 41
  • ECE-R 59
  • ECE-R 92

The DTC analyses all aspects relating to noise for you on its very own test track.