DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Braking effect test

Do you require proof of your vehicle’s braking effect? We analyse the braking effect of your vehicle for national or internal approval.

Braking effect tests are crucial for vehicle homologation. A brake system in perfect working order is essential to the operational and road safety of vehicles. Depending on your needs, we apply national or international testing standards.

Swiss national regulations applied:

  • Regulation on the technical requirements of road vehicles (VTS), Annex 7

International regulations applied:

  • ECE-R 13
  • ECE-R 13-H

Do you need a full conformity test or a partial check of the brake system? On our very own test track, we analyse all aspects relating to braking, such as:

  • Brake system design and equipment
  • Braking effect
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability programme (ESP), advanced emergency braking system (AEBS)
  • Response time
  • Energy sources and energy storage system
  • Distribution of the braking force on the vehicle axles
  • Compatibility conditions between towing vehicles and trailers