DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Certification of road restraint systems

As an accredited and notified body (EU identification number NB 2251) in line with ISO/IEC 17065, we carry out conformity assessments for the certification and CE marking of road restraint systems as well as the evaluation of modifications to products that have already been certified.

We offer a comprehensive range of services at our test site for ITT tests, using production monitoring (FPC) and through constancy of performance certification (Construction Products Regulation CPR) in line with Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament.

We carry out conformity assessment procedures in line with the harmonised European standard EN 1317-5 for the following road restraint systems:

  • Crash barriers
  • Impact attenuators
  • Start/end elements
  • Transition elements
  • Vehicle and pedestrian railings
  • Underrun protection for motorcycle drivers
  • Evaluation of modifications

Certification is based on the technical documentation from the manufacturer as well as reports from the testing and inspection bodies.

Impact test with a lightweight car against a New Jersey road restraint system

Impact test (TB11) with a lightweight car against a concrete New Jersey road restraint system

Test: Crash barrier protection system for motorcycle drivers

Impact between a fallen motorcycle driver and the crash barrier underrun protection at 70 km/k (lying on his back, collision angle 30°) (prCEN/TS 1317-8: TM.1.70 directly on posts).