DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

We screen the damaged vehicle

Did the vehicle have a technical defect? Were all the safety systems in the vehicle functioning?

  • Complete vehicle analysis
    After an accident, we analyse the entire vehicle. We have the expertise and infrastructure at our disposal to carry out vehicle tests and are not restricted to simply visual checks of components. We get to the bottom of the cause of the accident with our measurement and testing equipment. During this process, we make use of the knowledge possessed by other departments within our company.
  • Brake analyses
    We don’t just check the visual appearance and function of brakes. Only braking effect measurements can provide the right information about the performance of the brake system. We keep appropriate records of all our analyses. This means that the work carried out is always traceable and can be used in court cases.
  • Steering and suspension analyses
    In addition to the brake system, other safety-related components that we check after an accident are the steering and suspension. We document all components using photographs.