DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Material test

We test the dynamic material properties as well as the fracturing and splintering behaviour in line with standards and customer specifications.

We test all types of materials to determine the dynamic material data for simulation models or to obtain approval for aerodynamic attachments with regard to fracturing and splintering behaviour or energy absorption capabilities. If necessary, we can apply the following testing methods or tests:

  • Fracture test to evaluate the fracturing and splintering behaviour
  • Ball-drop test in line with DIN 52306
  • Flame test in line with DIN 53438
  • Head impact test in line with Regulation (EC) 78/2009 and ECE-R127
  • Dynamic failure tests with tension, pressure and bending loads
  • Tensile test to secure the suspension in line with FIA 8864

There is often a lack of key dynamic data for new types of materials in particular. We will be happy to help you fill in these gaps.

Energy absorption test for PET pipe material

Check of the energy absorption capabilities with a ball-drop test body

Material test with a ball-drop test from a height of 8 m