DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Testing uprated payloads and weight increases

Do you need a greater payload or do you always drive overloaded? We’ll find a technical solution with you.

The DTC is your testing centre for increasing weight. We can test subsequent modifications.

  • Uprated payload up to the sum of the axle guarantees
    With a minimum amount of testing, it is possible to increase the total weight of your vehicle. The weights entered in the vehicle registration documents do not always have to correspond to the technically permitted axle guarantees. With the corresponding analyses, the vehicle can be approved with a new total weight.

  • New axle guarantees
    With an additional strength analysis on the relevant components, it is possible to increase the axle guarantee of the vehicle. Possible axle conversions and strengthening can be combined in the analyses.

  • Increase of the roof load
    The required roof load can be proposed after the dynamic behaviour and the strength have been checked.