DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Design in the automotive industry

Are you looking for an expert partner to support you in the process of dimensioning and designing vehicles?

Our team of experienced engineers will be happy to help you, whether you’re looking to design something from scratch or you want to analyse the weak points of an existing design and optimise it. Not only do we have many years of experience in the automotive industry, we also have the right tools for the job.

For CAD designs, we use Solid Edge with synchronous technology, which makes it possible to parametrise flexible model data. Naturally, we have the ability to process all current CAD formats.

Simultaneous FEM analyses are now a must for anyone who wants to create a specific design quickly. We use FEMAP to check static loads. What’s more, with LS Dyna we can display highly dynamic load cases and simulate relevant standard tests in advance during the structural design phase. One example would be a leg impactor test to optimise the design parameters of an energy-absorbing module for pedestrian protection.

We will be happy to provide assistance in the dimensioning and design of

  • Vehicle components
  • Coupling devices to increase the trailer load
  • Structural changes to increase the guaranteed weight
  • Energy-absorbing modules for pedestrian protection
  • Components for special vehicles, work machinery, etc.