DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Test for deformation elements and brakes

The dynamic behaviour of deformation elements or brake mechanisms can vary greatly from the quasi-static behaviour. On our systems, we introduce the required amount of energy into the energy absorbers dynamically in line with your specifications.

Just let us know the parameters you require:

  • Energy level
  • Pulling-out speed and velocity characteristics
  • Mass effect

Examples of dynamic tests:

  • Wheel safety ropes from Formula 1 vehicles – FIA-accredited testing centre
  • Crash box and crash structures such as longitudinal struts
  • Impact attenuators and end stops
  • Energy-absorbing foams
  • Nets and rope brakes for rockfall protection barriers
  • Rope anchors

Check of the energy absorption capabilities of the front structure of a Formula SAE racing car

Dynamic test for a Geobrugg rope brake