DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Quasi-static tension and pressure test

On our state-of-the-art test benches, we test your passive safety components in line with standards.

The necessary test forces are applied quasi-statically using hydraulic cylinders in order to test the resistance of the structure. We are accredited as a testing laboratory in line with ISO/ICE 17025 for the following tests:

  • Belt anchorage test in line with ECE-R14
  • Seat test in line with ECE-R17
  • Underrun protection in line with ECE-R58, ECE-R73 and ECE-R93
  • Load-securing test in line with EN 12640 and EN 12642
  • ROPS / FOPS / TOPS rollover protection structures in line with ISO 3471
  • Medical vehicles and their equipment in line with EN 1789
  • Aircraft seats

As a recognised testing centre in line with Annex 2 TGV, we can provide you with specific tests for the Swiss market:

  • Seats for school buses with equivalent child seat protection
  • Longitudinal bench seats for the army, police, fire service, etc.
  • Rollover protection structure for agricultural vehicles

Our team of experienced engineers will be happy to advise you on dimensioning and designing safety system components.

Individual seat during a tension test in line with ECE-R14