DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Reports on traffic accidents involving road vehicles

  • Analysing vehicle damage
    Damage analysis forms the basis of accident reconstruction. Our many years of experience in this area helps us to reconstruct traffic accidents.
  • Analysing track marks on the road
    By classifying track marks on the road, we are able to clarify how the vehicles moved before or after the collision, whether they were already skidding, or whether a wheel was accelerating, braking or locked at the time the mark was made.
  • Determining the collision position
    Carefully determining the collision angle and collision overlap of the vehicles is key when it comes to ensuring accurate collision analysis. We use photo documentation as well as 3D scans of the damaged vehicles to help us with this.
  • Calculating speeds
    We have a number of different options available to calculate the initial speed and the collision speed. In this case, we use the latest simulation programmes and have access to extensive databases. Accident plans and path-time diagrams helps us to display the information in a comprehensible way.
  • Checking visibility conditions
    Was the vehicle driver aware of the motorcycle overtaking him? Was the pedestrian hidden by a bush? We can clear up questions like these by determining the visibility conditions.
  • Calculating whether the accident could have been avoided
    Was the driver speeding or did he react too late? Could the collision have been avoided if he had been driving at the permitted speed or reacted sooner? We can answer all of the questions by calculating whether the accident could have been avoided.

Accident simulation with vehicle rollover