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Mazda 626 frontal impact in line with FMVSS 212

To determine how long it is necessary to wait before driving again after replacing the windscreen, the vehicle is driven into a solid barrier head-on with full overlap at 50 km/h 15 minutes after the windscreen has been glued in place, for example. In this test, the windscreen adhesive may become partially unstuck, but no more.

Frontal impact involving a VW LT vehicle transporter loaded with an Opel Astra

An Opel Astra is loaded onto a vehicle transporter and secured for transportation. The vehicle transporter is driven into a solid barrier head-on with full overlap at 50 km/h. The VW LT’s cab is crushed between the crash block and the Astra in the crash.

Auffahrkollision Opel Astra auf eine Wohnwagen-Zugfahrzeug-Kombination

An Opel Astra is driven into a stationary caravan and towing vehicle with full overlap at 96 km/h. The caravan setup consists of a Hymer Nova 500 caravan and an Opel Omega as the towing vehicle. The Opel Astra penetrates the caravan until it reaches the axle, pushes it off the trailer coupling and forces the caravan drawbar through the tailgate and rear row of seats of the Opel Omega.

2 lorries – one loaded with railway sleepers – in a rear-impact collision

The lorry travelling at 80 km/h is loaded with railway sleepers, which are properly secured with tension belts. In the rear-impact collision, the double cab of the travelling lorry is completely flattened by the railway sleepers, meaning that the driver dummy is stuck.

Frontal impact – comparison of old (1994) and new (2014) Renault Twingo

As part of the DTC anniversary celebrations (2014), we performed these two crash tests to show how passive safety has developed. We used a Renault Twingo from our founding year (1994) in a crash test at 50 km/h as an example. Thanks to improved passive safety measures in areas such as vehicle structure, belt tensioners and airbags, the passengers were not subjected to the same increased levels of stress in the new Twingo (2014).