DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Sled test

During product development, sled tests are an important tool for simulating dynamic stress in a cost-effective and reproducible way.

A whole range of applications for sled tests are specified for the various homologation or certification processes. With our specially developed hydro-brake, we can implement individual crash pulses as well as standards-based pulses. With other special brakes, we can also simulate a very long pulse duration or very severe pulses, to simulate a mine explosion, for example. The basis parameters for the sled systems are as follows:

  • Speeds of 2 km/h to 250 km/h
  • Deceleration of 1 g to 5000 g
  • All common processes, such as sinusoidal, triangular or trapezoidal pulses
  • Long pulse duration of up to 200 ms
  • Payload of up to 6000 kg