DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Construction and work machinery analysis

Accidents involving construction machinery often have serious consequences. As well as technical defects, in many cases they involve operating regulations being violated or the machinery being used incorrectly.

  • Checking the applicable regulations
    How quick are people to disregard an operating or safety regulation, not secure a support or even fail to perform maintenance work? Sometimes, the reasons for the accident are obvious.
  • Material failure
    We can distinguish between a fatigue fracture and a forced fracture on the basis of the fracture surface. When a component fails, it often starts with a split and a fatigue fracture which continues to spread until the remaining material cross-section is overloaded and breaks. Of course, organising material analyses is also included in our scope of services.
  • Design errors
    It is not uncommon for products to be dimensioned insufficiently or for the wrong materials to be chosen. In many cases, this is identified when damage accumulates on identical components.