DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Aviation component testing

On our test benches, we provide you with the full range of tests for certifying aeroplane and helicopter components, from component tests (FMH – free-motion headform) using the shaker and hydropulser right through to sled tests.

We can test equipment such as aeroplane seats, helicopter seats, furniture, partition walls, aircraft structural components and electronic components using our state-of-the-art sled systems. For these tests, we are accredited by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and as a testing laboratory in line with ISO 17025:

  • Dynamic tests FMH, 14 g, 16 g, 30 g, HIC in line with SAE AS 8049, ETSO-C127, ETSO-C39, NAS 806, NAS 809, CS 25.561, CS 25.562
  • Static and quasi-static tests in line with SAE AS 8049, TSO-C 127, TSO-C 39, ETSO-C 39
  • Shock tests for aircraft data recording units in line with EUROCAE ED-112, EUROCAE ED-155
  • Helicopter drop test in line with CS27.952
  • Customer-specific tests

We have successfully achieved internal accreditation for a wide range of international manufacturers.

Aircraft seat during a 16 g structural test with floor deformation in line with AS 8049 at 44 ft/s

Helicopter seat during a structural test in line with AS 8049

FMH component test on the rear backrest of the aircraft seat in line with AS 8049 Attachment 4