DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Tests on individual components

We use impactors, tension tests and pressure tests in order to the functionality, resistance and energy-absorption capabilities both dynamically and quasi-statically on partial structures separated from the overall system.

Evidence based on quasi-static stress tests is required for homologation in many areas:

  • Belt anchorages and seats for vehicles and aircraft
  • Underrun protection and systems for securing loads on commercial vehicles
  • Rollover protection systems
  • Equipment in medical vehicles

Evidence of dynamic stress tests

  • Material test: Fracturing and splintering behaviour
  • Pedestrian protection tests: Head, leg or hip impactor
  • Test of interior equipment and headrests: Free-motion head impactor (FMH)
  • Impact on steering system: Body block
  • Special tests: Rib cage, pelvis and foot impactor