DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Environmental aspects of the DTC test track

Integrated into the Bernese Jura – our test track keeps the environment in mind.

Long before construction started, the DTC carried out an environmental impact study concerning flora and fauna in the area. The information gleaned from this formed the basis for our planning and was consistently implemented during the construction process.

The embankment concept describes the type and selection of plants that have been used on the embankment and in the surroundings in order to integrate the new test track into the surrounding area as effectively as possible. The locations of the structures that we set up (piles of rocks, bushes, etc.) were carefully selected and are as far away from the nearby main road as possible. This reduces the impact of the road or the vehicles on fauna.


  • Groups of bushes (which contribute to butterfly biodiversity)
  • Piles of rocks together with tree stumps (which contribute to reptile biodiversity)
  • Vegetation on the embankments with a special seed mix for diverse meadows

Additional measures:

  • All excavated material was used (none was transported away)
  • Embankments have been levelled (to prevent erosion)
  • Natural protection against unauthorised access (embankments have been created to act as a direct obstacle)
  • Drainage along the test track
  • Compensation for the cleared forest area at a separate location
  • Rocks which emerged during excavation have been reused
  • Sprinkler system with rainwater (circuit with retention basin; also serves as an intermediate reservoir for water which accumulates on the test track)