DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Crash test with heavy goods vehicles

Crash test with heavy goods vehicles We can carry out impact tests with lorries, articulated lorries or buses/coaches at our spacious crash sites.

As mobility options become more prevalent, road restraint systems and systems for securing loads are gaining in importance. We can carry out a whole range of tests at our facilities to assess these systems. Potential impact configurations are:

  • Impact test for road restraint systems
  • Real-life accident reconstructions for vehicle-vehicle collisions

At our unique gravitational acceleration facility, vehicles of up to 60 t can accelerate to an impact speed of 80 km/h.

On-board high-speed shot of a frontal collision between a bus and a lorry

Rear-end collision between a 20 t lorry travelling at 80 km/h and a stationary lorry

Tractor with trailer crashing into the end of a traffic jam, comprising 5 cars and a lorry