DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Raising the suspension, lowering the suspension, modifying the chassis, coilover suspension, air suspension

Would you like to increase the ground clearance or lower the vehicle in order to lower the centre of gravity? With our infrastructure, we can cover the necessary tests.

Depending on the intended purpose of the vehicle, it may be beneficial to raise or lower the suspension. You might need more ground clearance to increase the vehicle’s off-road capability – or you may want to optimise the vehicle for smooth roads by lowering the suspension.

If you lower the suspension by more than 40 mm or raise it by more than 50 mm, you will need to have the vehicle’s operational and road safety re-checked.

Where motorcycles are concerned, lowering the suspension can enable smaller people to mount and drive the vehicle.

In this case, you will need to have the operational and road safety re-checked if you raise or lower the suspension by more than 30 mm.


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