DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Sled test to develop the restraint system

Working according to your needs, we set the deceleration pulses on our sled system in line with standards-based specifications or real vehicle deceleration.

We can carry out dynamic collision tests in a reliable and reproducible way on our state-of-the-art sled systems. We can perform the following tests for the purpose of developing seats, belts and airbags:

  • Low deceleration pulses, e.g. Euro NCAP seat backrest whiplash
  • Sinusoidal or triangular pulses, e.g. crash box or aviation
  • Trapezoidal pulses, e.g. seat anchorage ECE-R17, ECE-R44, etc.
  • Commercial vehicles, e.g. structures and shelters up to 6 t
  • Motorsport, e.g. NASCAR at 120 km/h
  • Defence industry, e.g. mine protection up to 500 g

In order to analyse the dynamic test, we have a wide variety of digital and crash-proof high-speed cameras at our disposal, as well as a comprehensive range of sensors. Our specialists will look after your needs and advise you from the initial development tests right through to the homologation test for your product once it is ready to go into production.

Sled test with a body-in-white to evaluate the restraint system during a frontal collision

Sled test with a school bus seat during a frontal collision


Sled test: Seat with three-point belt during a side collision

Child seat sled test