DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Exhaust gas measurement

Do you need an exhaust gas measurement for your vehicle’s homologation? Are you unsure whether your vehicle complies with the applicable exhaust gas standards? The DTC can carry out the necessary measurements for you.

All vehicles with combustion engines have to comply with exhaust gas emissions regulations when the vehicle is first registered or when it is cleared by customs.

We can carry out the checks required to produce confirmations or conformity documents in line with the latest standards.



  • For import vehicles without COC
  • For increasing power
  • For modifications to the intake/exhaust

Swiss national and international regulations applied:

  • Regulation on the technical requirements of road vehicles (VTS), Annex 5
  • ECE-R 15
  • ECE-R 40
  • AGV 82 / 86
  • FAV 1 / 3
  • 70/220/EEC
  • 715/2007
  • ECE-R 83

Do you suspect that your vehicle does not comply with the required exhaust gas standard? Will a laboratory test bench measurement not tell you enough? We have the solution for you in this case too. We determine the exhaust gas values using a portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) or under real conditions when driving (RDE = real driving emissions).

Do you have any questions? We will be to provide you with a quote in line with your needs.