DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

It is essential to gather evidence carefully.

Control units, trip recorders and tachographs store important information about what happened during the accident. We create a visual representation of this data.

  • Control unit readout
    Important data about speed, brake pressure, engine speed and other key factors besides can be found in the control units of today’s vehicles. We use our contacts with vehicle importers to read out the information from these control units.
  • Bosch CDR
    More and more vehicles are being fitted with an event data recorder, and the information from this can be read out with the Bosch CDR (Crash Data Retrieval) system. We are Bosch CDR experts and have the right read-out tool and expertise at our disposal.
  • Tachograph evaluation
    Tachographs, digital trip recorders and remaining distance recorders store important information about the speed before the collision and the driver’s reaction.