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Wheel/tyre conversion, change to the wheel gauge, spacers, ET change, widening the axle, wheel gauge, rims

A wheel conversion may involve a change to the wheel gauge. A combination of spacers and wheel spacer adapters are also fitted in many cases, creating an impact on the offset and, therefore, the wheel gauge.

An increased wheel gauge is often required during the process of tuning a sports car. This can influence the vehicle dynamics or improve the appearance.

In the case of lightweight commercial vehicles, converting the axle (e.g. from dual tyres to single tyres) can also affect the wheel gauge.

With the help of our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we can help you find a solution for performing the necessary approval tests promptly.

If you change the wheel gauge by more than 1% on each side, you must have the operational and road safety of the converted vehicle checked.

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