DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Standard test drive

Standardised driving manoeuvres form the basis for both subjective handling assessments on different surfaces and objective evaluations of vehicle dynamics and safety.

We also use the versatile DTC test track to carry out road tests. This affords our customers maximum flexibility and allows us to process their order quickly. We can perform various standard test drives on the basis of the relevant standards.

DIN/ISO standards:

  • Steady-state circular driving behaviour (ISO 4138)
  • Braking in a turn (ISO 7975)
  • Sudden change in steering angle and automatic steering return (ISO 7401)
  • Power-off reaction of a vehicle in a turn (ISO 9816)
  • ISO lane-change test (ISO 3888)
  • VDA obstacle-avoidance test (ISO 3888)
  • ISO weave test (ISO 3888)
  • Sinus weave test (ISO 7401)
  • µ-split for brakes (ISO 14512)
  • µ-low braking coefficient of friction
  • Free-steer behaviour (ISO 17288)
  • Trailer stability (ISO 9815)
  • Etc.

ECE standards:

  • ECE-R 12 Steering mechanism in the event of impact
  • ECE-R 13 Braking systems
  • ECE-R 13-H Car braking
  • ECE-R 79 Steering equipment
  • ECE-R 131 Motor vehicles with regard to advanced emergency braking systems (AEBS)
  • Etc.

We meet our customers’ requirements and offer support through our special measuring equipment.