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Today’s vehicles conceal important data below their surface

Modern vehicles require many different types of data for their assistance and control systems. These parameters are extremely useful when it comes to clarifying the sequence of events involved in an accident.

  • Important parameters
    Depending on the control unit, there are different parameters available to provide important information for reconstructing the sequence of events involved in an accident. The data from airbag control units can only be read out with suitable software from the vehicle or control unit manufacturer.
  • Freeze frames
    When storing a fault code, the central control unit also stores current vehicle parameters such as oil temperature, engine speed and velocity. These freeze frames can also be read out by trained members of staff at dealerships. Not all vehicle manufacturers are equally cooperative; however, we can usually find answers through an order from the public prosecutor’s office.
  • Pre-collision data
    What happens when there are no traces of the collision on the road? Did the driver brake before the collision and was his initial speed higher than the collision speed? The data from the airbag and engine control units can help clarify the situation.
  • Frozen tachograph displays
    Frozen tachograph displays by no means always provide the correct collision speed. We will be happy to provide assistance in this area using our expertise.