DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Many vehicles feature an on-board device which tracks their speed

We have the expertise and infrastructure at our disposal to read out data from the following recording devices:

  • Tachograph
    Older commercial vehicles are fitted with tachographs in which a mechanical pen marks the speed, the resting time and the distance covered on a tachograph disc. Analysing the tachograph disc is a useful tool when it comes to reconstructing the driving speed.
  • Digital trip recorder
    Newer commercial vehicles are fitted with a digital trip recorder. This displays the speed more accurately than a tachograph and provides additional information.
  • Remaining distance recorder
    Remaining distance recorders are mostly used in army vehicles and ambulances as well as railway vehicles. They record a certain distance before the collision. Other parameters are also stored, concerning information such as whether the brakes were applied, the horn was used or the lights were switched on.
  • Accident data recorder
    In rare cases, some vehicles may have a built-in accident data recorder. This stores the speed, the longitudinal and lateral acceleration and status inputs showing whether the indicators or lights were switched on, for example.