DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

BFH-TI link with the DTC

Partnership between DTC and BFH-TI

The partnership between the DTC and BFH-TI (Bern University of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology Department) is governed by an agreement from 1995, with subsequent additions, and has been confirmed by an appeal decision on the part of BFH-TI, which stipulates continuous accrual accounting.

Both institutions (DTC and BFH-TI) are financially independent and manage their own accounts.

  • The personnel can be deployed to both institutions, with a working hours check performed and billing carried out on a reciprocal basis.
  • The infrastructure may be used by both institutions by mutual agreement.
  • The institutions charge one another for the use of their respective infrastructures.

What are the advantages of the close partnership between the BFH-TI and DTC?
As both institutions obtain mutual benefits from the perspective of technical and human resources, it is possible to use capacity levels to better effect as well as offer both customers and students a more complete range of services. Research projects are also afforded a higher degree of flexibility. This means that education stays closer to industry and is more varied, and that student supervision can be distributed more efficiently. As a result, each partner benefits from the expertise of the other organisation.

The bottom line
Our strong links with the BFH-TI has shaped the DTC’s history and over the years, this has resulted in a genuine win-win situation. Together, the university and the DTC form a strong team which is ready to accept and tackle the challenges that the future is set to bring.