DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

FEM calculation for components under static or dynamic load

Do you need mathematical proof of strength for a statically loaded component? Or are you interested in the deformation and failure of components under a highly dynamic load?

With our many years of expertise in using the finite element method (FEM) and the latest calculation tools such as FEMAP or LS DYNA, we can assist you with the following tasks:

  • General structural analyses using FEM on statically loaded components
  • Quasi-static approval tests for front and rear underrun protection on lorries in line with ECE-R93 and ECE-R58 by means of an FEM calculation (advantage: more cost effective and non-destructive)
  • Calculating highly dynamic processes with the help of LS DYNA, particularly:
    • Crash barrier impact tests in line with EN 1317 for the approval of system modifications (calculation and visualisation of the entire impact process incl. all parameters for TB11, TB32, TB42, TB51)
    • Calculations to optimise avalanche and rockfall protection systems

Crash barrier impact simulation with TB32, side view

Crash barrier impact simulation with TB32, front view