DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Complete vehicle crash with barrier

A number of standardised barriers are available for impact tests against barriers. At our rigorous indoor crash site, we can offer you both standard crash tests in line with ECE, FMVSS, etc., as well as consumer protection crash tests. At both spacious outdoor crash sites, we have ample scope to perform barrier impact tests with sliding and involving IIHS small overlap, rollover or tests at speeds up to 200 km/h.

We will be happy to analyse your vehicle in a frontal, side, side pole or rear impact scenario.

  • Frontal impact against deformable offset barrier in line with EDE-R94, FMVSS 208 or Euro NCAP
  • Frontal impact against solid barrier with full overlap in line with ECE-R12, ECE-R94 or FMVSS 208, FMVSS 212
  • Side impact with trolley and deformable barrier in line with ECE-R95 or Euro NCAP
  • Frontal or side pole impact in line with UN R135 or Euro NCAP
  • RCAR insurance classification tests – front and rear impact with solid barrier
  • Rear, frontal or side barrier impact in line with FMVSS 305
  • Crash tests with electric vehicles in line with ECE-R94 and ECE-R95
  • Corkscrew rollover

We can also carry out crash configurations specific to your needs. To achieve this, we put the latest measuring technology and the necessary crash dummies at your disposal.

Frontal impact at 50 km/h and full overlap against a concrete block in line with FMVSS 208

Frontal impact at 50 km/h and full overlap in line with FMVSS 208

On-board shot during side impact in line with ECE-R95

IIHS small overlap crash test with 25% overlap

VW Golf II corkscrew rollover