DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

DTC accident analysis

Are you dealing with a traffic or occupational accident? We are your expert partner when it comes to technical analysis.

  • Transport report:
    A traffic accident is a complex event. We can provide you with support when it comes to providing technical clarification, and we pull out all the stops with our state-of-the-art accident analyses.
  • Technical analysis:
    We don’t just limit ourselves to reconstructing accidents – we also put all kinds of vehicle components, damaged vehicles, work machinery and cranes through their paces.
  • 3D laser scanning:
    We don’t just use our laser scanners to record vehicles and accident sites – we also use them to compare the dimensions of components, for reverse engineering and to perform spatial analyses of systems.
  • Gathering evidence:
    Today’s vehicles store a lot of data, which is extremely useful for analysing accidents. We are the first port of call when it comes to securing this data.