DTC Dynamic Test Center AG


DTC Dynamic Test Center AG – your centre of excellence for air, rail and road safety.

With more than 40 employees, DTC AG is the largest centre of excellence for vehicle safety and vehicle dynamics in Switzerland. Its services are available to anyone interested in taking advantage of them – whether they are from the industry, trade or service sphere or the authorities. Our employees have first-class technical training and are your point of contact when it comes to complex questions and problems with regard to air, rail and road safety.

We have been conducting all kinds of tests, investigations, analyses and consultations associated with vehicle safety since 1995. Thanks to our constant infrastructure expansion – going as far as constructing the DTC test track – and our many years of experience, the DTC has now become one of the leading Swiss institutions in the field of mobility safety.

The company is certified to ISO 9001 and is also accredited as a testing and certification centre for a wide range of standard tests.