DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Approval test for changes to the supporting structure

Do you need to change the bodywork? If this means modifying the supporting structure, the DTC can offer the necessary approval tests.

Vehicle manufacturers simply cannot meet every possible need. In occasional cases, comprehensive conversions are required for special vehicles; this may involve the roof/side panel section, gull-wing doors, a cabriolet or pick-up conversion, shortening the rear, extending the vehicle and accessible vehicle conversion.

If you modify the supporting structure without complying with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines, you will need evidence for an approval.

We carry out the following analyses:

  • Torsional stiffness
  • Bending stiffness
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Structural durability

Modifications are often required for customised motorcycles. The frame may need to be adapted in the case of engine conversions, for example, or the rear frame shortened for visual reasons.


Other typical motorcycle modifications include converting the front fork or rear swing arm as well as adding a side car.