DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Strength test for components and parts

The short-term load and the stress over the entire service life defined in the context of intended use are key factors in the strength of the parts and components being analysed.

With our testing infrastructure, we can carry out various strength tests in order to reach a conclusion about the structural durability.

  • Endurance tests:
    We clamp the components to be analysed to the test bench in our laboratory and subject them to uniaxial or multiaxial stress using servo-hydraulic cylinders.
    The signal which is introduced can correspond to a simple block programme or a complex fatigue test.
    Endurance tests can alternatively be carried out when driving.

  • Impact/shock (hydraulic):
    We can subject the test object to specific events, ranging from maximum load to misuse.

  • Stress analysis (strain gauge):
    We can use special measuring equipment to determine and evaluate the material stress which results from strain when driving.
  • Tension/pressure tests:
    We can subject a range of prototypes and components of any type to a tension and pressure test on our laboratory test bench.
  • Stiffness analyses:
    The torsional and bending stiffness of a structure has an impact on the dynamic behaviour and the resonance frequencies. We determine the characteristic curves on our specially equipped test benches and illustrate them.
  • Fatigue tests:
    We can promptly gather a range of load collectives from simulations or working from the basis of real measurements, and apply them as equivalent damage on a servo-hydraulic test bench.