DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Homologation test on vehicles

If you require homologation for your vehicles, you need to produce evidence of various kinds. With our testing infrastructure, we can perform and document the relevant tests.

Depending on the vehicle category, the homologation test may include the following points:

  • Braking effectiveness test:
    On the DTC test track, we can analyse the interplay between the individual brake components and whether the vehicle complies with statutory regulations at different adhesion values when driving.
  • Steering test:
    During the steering test, we analyse the steering force requirements and how the vehicle responds if the system fails.
  • Headlight range adjustment:
    In the case of vehicles without height-adjustable headlights, homologation requires you to prove compliance with statutory regulations.
  • Smoke measurement:
    We can determine the smoke output if there are no relevant documents available from the manufacturer.
  • Tank test (IBC):
    On the road and on railways, transport containers (IBC tanks) have to comply with special regulations (ADR/RID).