DTC Dynamic Test Center AG

Testing centre accreditation in line with ISO/IEC 17025

The DTC is accredited for the following tests in line with ISO/IEC 17025:

  • Noise measurement (sound measurement, noise level, noise emission, sound power measurement)
    ECE-R51, 70/157/EEC, 2000/14/EC
  • Braking effect measurement
    ECE-R13 (Braking systems), ECE-R13H (Car braking), (previously 71/320/EEC)
  • Medical vehicles and their equipment
    EN 1789
  • Safety-belt anchorage
    ECE-R14, (76/115/EEC)
  • Seats, their anchorages and headrests
    ECE-R17, ECE-R25, ECE-R80 (buses), (74/408/EEC)
  • Load-securing equipment
    EN 12640, EN 12642
  • Steering mechanism in the event of impact (energy absorption test)
  • Windscreen in the event of frontal impact
  • Interior equipment (dynamic head-impact test)
    ECE-R21, FMVSS 201
  • Pedestrian protection
    Regulation (EC) 78/2009, 631/2009, ECE-R127
  • IBC tanks (static, vibration and shock)
    ARD/RID requirements for the construction and testing of IBCs, Chapter 6.5
  • Fuel tanks
    ECE-R34 Section 6.1, 6.2 (Prevention of fire risks)
  • Driver’s seats (agricultural and forestry vehicles)
    Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 167/2013 (previously 78/764/EEC)
  • Bicycle
    EN 14764 (City and trekking bicycles), EN 14765 (Bicycles for young children), EN 14766 (Mountain bicycles), EN 14781 (Racing bicycles), EN 14872 (Accessories for bicycles – Luggage carriers)
  • Aircraft and helicopter seats
    SAE AS8049 (Performance Standard for Seats in Civil Rotorcraft, Transport Aircraft, and General Aviation Aircraft), ETSO-C127a, TSO-C127 (Rotorcraft, Transport Aeroplane, and Normal and Utility Aeroplane Seating Systems), CS 25.561, CS 25.562, AC 25.562, CFR 25.562, ETSO-C39, TSO-C39 (Aircraft Seats and Berths), NAS 806, NAS 809 (Specification – Aircraft Seats and Berths)
  • Crash-protected airborne recorder systems
  • Cableways
    EN 13796-3 (Fatigue tests)
  • Railway components
    EN 61373 (Shock and vibration tests)
    FRA 49, CFR 229, IEEE Std 1482.1-1999 (CPM Crash-protected memory)
  • Passive safety devices for road environment / vehicle restraint system
    EN 1317, NCHRP Report 350
  • Ships and Boats
    International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft (2000), Annex 10
  • Falling rock protection kits
    EAD 340059-00-0106