Passive Safety

Increasing requirements for safety in modern mobility applications are resulting in swift developments and significant innovations.

Whether you need an internal development test or a standard-compliant approval test, you can test your innovative products with us using quick and uncomplicated methods, allowing you to protect passengers (self-protection) and other road users (partner protection), as well as reduce the risk of injury. The key passive safety features include:

  • Steering wheel, seat, seatbelt system
  • Airbags and the design of the interior
  • Sturdy passenger compartment
  • Deformation zones at the front and the rear
  • Side-impact protection
  • Pedestrian protection
  • Safety devices for road environment
Helicopter seat on the sled for vertical load test
Prototype safety belt for motorcycle drivers
Vehicle impact against the crash block at 112 km/h
IIHS small overlap impact test