Training and advanced training in automotive engineering

Learn automotive engineering from scratch

We offer bespoke seminars and courses on automotive engineering, which we are happy to supplement using practical applications and demonstrations if required. We adapt the course content to suit the level of training and the expectations of the participants. The content ranges from the basic principles of physics required to understand automotive engineering, to vehicle subsystems such as the bodywork, chassis and engine, and all the way through to complex driver assistance systems as well as active and passive safety equipment.

At our crash facilities, we can give impressive live demos showing the effect of force and energy on vehicles and passengers during a collision between two vehicles, for example. On our test track, you can see and experience the effect and impact of each of the individual driver assistance systems – ABS, AEBS and ESP – on different road surfaces.

What’s more, we offer training on all aspects of accident analysis, such as acquiring accident data.

The BUMM crash simulator makes it possible to experience the effect of a seatbelt in a minor collision
Live crash test to show passive safety during a frontal collision
Demonstration showing how to rescue passengers from submerged vehicles on the Bundesplatz in Bern
Demonstration of a strength test with servohydraulics

Who would our automotive engineering training benefit?

Our training and advanced training seminars are designed for anyone who works with vehicles.

Get in touch with us. and we will be happy to offer something designed to suit your needs.