Product development test

Our modern testing equipment allows us to support you in the process of developing your product or providing evidence.

The requirements set out by a specifications sheet or equivalent customer specifications may require a wide range of tests.

  • Vibration test:
    We expose the test items to various vibrations or power levels on an electromagnetic shaker.
  • Determining the characteristics:
    With special test benches, we can determine the characteristics required for setting or adhering to system limitations.
  • Stress collectives:
    The measurement data determined when driving or flying can be classified (using a rainflow analysis, for example) and then introduced as equivalent damage in a bench test.
  • Component test:
    We can analyse a range of individual components at the laboratory test bench – from snow chains to aircraft seat tables.
Battery box shock test
Building site tank (IBC) vibration test
Lead screw alternating torque test
Aircraft seat reliability test
  • FEM analysis:
    An FEM analysis assists in the process of optimising components between the design stage and bench testing.
  • Reliability test:
    Will your component function as intended over its entire service life? A reliability test is designed to check this.
  • Tyre test:
    The noise level, rolling resistance and adhesion value are all key tyre characteristics that we can determine for you.