Company history

A potted history of the company’s major milestones

09.2015: Acquisition of a Bosch CDR system for reading out crash-related vehicle data from control units with data recorder functions

03.2015: Installation of a test facility for load-securing equipment in line with EN 12640 and EN 12642

06.2014: Opening ceremony for the DTC test track as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations

12.2013: First successful dynamic simulation of a crash barrier collision with the help of LS Dyna

07.2013: Launch of the DTC test track

04.2012: Expansion of the servo-hydraulic system to 100 kN. 6 test cylinders can now be operated synchronously using a state-of-the-art control system (Inova)

12.2011: Annual turnover exceeds CHF 7 million
40th employee appointed

10.2011: Expansion of our accreditation as a testing laboratory in line with ISO 17025 (cableways, ADR, bicycles, sound power)

06.2010: Acquisition of the extended office and workshop building, launch of the test bench for belt anchorage tests and underrun protection

06.2010: Accreditation as certification and inspection body for RRS (crash barriers)

Construction of the DTC test building 1995
Acceleration area before cover 1999
Covering the acceleration area 12.1999
Skier dummy launch 04.2002
10 years of DTC 06.2004
15 years of DTC 06.2009
DTC test track launch 07.2013
Opening ceremony for the test track, 20 years of DTC 06.2014

12.2009: Annual turnover exceeds CHF 6 million

09.2009: Acquisition of a 3D laser scanner to measure vehicles, accident sites and aircraft seat deformations

06.2009: 15 years of DTC (open day)

12.2008: Annual turnover exceeds CHF 5 million

10.2008: Expansion of the sled system for field tests

01.2008: Accreditation as a testing laboratory in line with ISO 17025 (noise, brakes, belts)

12.2007: Annual turnover exceeds CHF 4 million

10.2007: Construction of acceleration ramp with TSR Engineering to analyse road restraint systems (crash barrier tests)

08.2007: Expansion of the sled system to simulate mine explosions

12.2006: Introduction of “in-dummy” measurement technology

09.2006: Expansion of the 2x 25 kN servo-hydraulic system with test cylinders and joints

06.2006: Expansion of the crash facilities for corkscrew rollover

01.2006: 30th DTC employee appointed

12.2005: Annual turnover exceeds CHF 3 million

08.2004: Expansion of the sled system for impact shock tests up to 250 km/h and pulse lengths up to 100 ms

06.2004: 10 years of DTC (open day)

02.2004: Expansion of the 63 kN servo-hydraulic system with test cylinders and joints, using the CARLOS TC test setup

12.2002: 20th DTC employee appointed

04.2002: Expansion of the crash facilities in order to launch 2-wheeled vehicles and dummies (e.g. skiers)

12.2001: Annual turnover exceeds CHF 2 million

04.2001: Official recognition of the aircraft seat tests by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation

12.1999: Annual turnover exceeds CHF 1 million

12.1999: Cover installed at the acceleration area of the crash facilities to enable standard-compliant crash tests all year round

03.1999: ISO 9001 certification for the entire company

12.1998: 10th DTC employee appointed

06.1996 Official opening ceremony for the DTC test building and launch of the crash facilities. First crash for a special MTW (Menschen Technik Wissenschaft) broadcast on safety research in Switzerland

01.1996: Founding of DTC Accident Analysis with our own company regulations and establishment of an expert commission

09.1995: Expansion of the 16 kN servo-hydraulic system with test cylinders and joints

06.1995: Ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the DTC test building and crash facilities

06.1995: CHF 75,000 increase in share capital – to CHF 1,290,000 Approval of the company regulations and assignment of powers

03.1995: Appointed as the official testing centre for modifications to road vehicles by the Federal Office of Police

11.1994: Putting a uniaxial 40 kN hydropulser system into service

09.1994: Founding of the DTC Dynamic Test Center with a share capital of CHF 1,215,000